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Lesson Plans


                                                                                Lesson Plans

Mrs. V. Fortenberry

Learning Strategies

Week of: 01/23/17



Students will define the meaning of vocabulary words, matching them to their correct meaning, (definition) by using context clues.

 Students will read a short story and apply the above technique to determine the meaning of unknown words in the story, summarize the story using the unknown words, and will learn how to apply different reading techniques as a test taking strategy.  



Vocabulary Chapter 3 -Ten Words In Context

                                        Matching Words with Definitions     


Vocabulary Chapter 3-Vocabulary Practice   

Reading Passage w/Questions


Vocabulary-Chapter3 Sentence Check

Review of Reading Passage from 1/24/17 and Read Passage 2


Vocabulary-Chapter 3 Quiz


 Review of Week


 Note; Lesson Plans are subject to change based on how well students are able to grasp the concepts. The last 20-30 minutes of class are allotted to allow students the opportunity to receive assistance in making up missed assignments from their other cla