Brookhaven High School

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World History

Chapter 17: The West Between the Wars, 1919-1939

September 25-29



1. Teacher will explain why peace and prosperity were short-lived after World War I.

2 Teacher will describe how a global depression weakened the Western democracies after 1929.

3. Students will complete an Map analysis worksheet of Europe before and after WWI

    A. Students will review maps of Europe in 1914(before the war) and 1919 (after), then the students will list the          countries and empires that were part of Europe in 1914 that no longer existed in 1919

    B. List all of the new countries displayed on the 1919 map that were not present during 1914

    C. For each new country, students will write down the empire of which the country was once part of.

    D. Looking at a map of Europe today. Students will list which new countries have been created and which                countries have been lost.


1. The teacher will characterize the modern totalitarian state established by Mussolini.

2. Teacher will report how Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, eliminated people who threatened his power.


1. Students will complete a vocabulary, key people, and map quiz on chapter 17

2. Students will complete a guided reading activity, "Cultural and Intellectual Trends."

3. Teacher will characterize the totalitarian state in Germany established by Hitler and the Nazi Party.


1. Teacher will explain why many Germans accepted the Nazi dictatorship while other Germans suffered greatly under Hitler's rule.


1. Students will turn in a current event from the world news and a political cartoon

2. Students will be tested on their knowledge of Chapter 17