Brookhaven High School

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Comp Math

Week 16: 11/26/18

Monday: Lesson 6-1 Solving Systems by Graphing

Tuesday: Lesson 6-2 Solving Systems Using Substitution

Wednesday: Quiz on Lesson 6-1, Finish Lesson 6-2

Thursday: Lesson 6-3 Solving Systems Using Elimination

Friday: Quiz on Lesson 6-2.  Finish Lesson 6-3



Monday: P. 367 #'s 10-21

Tuesday: P. 375 #'s 11-25

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: P. 382 #'s 7-26

Friday: No homework

Week 15: 11/12/18

Monday: Lesson 5-6 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Tuesday: Lesson 5-7 Scatter Plots and Trend Lines

Wednesday: Quiz on 5-6.  Begin Lesson 5-8 Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Thursday: Finish 5-8.  Begin Reviewing For test

Friday: Test on 5-6, 5-7, and 5-8.



Monday: P. 334 #'s 7-27

Tuesday: P. 341 #'s 7-20

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: P.349 #'s 6-29

Friday: No homework

Week 14: 11/5/18
Monday: Lesson 5-4 Point-Slope Form
Tuesday: Lesson 5-5 Standard Form
Wednesday: Finish Lesson 5-5, Quiz on Lesson 5-4
Thursday: Review Graphing Linear Equations
Friday: Test on Graphing Linear Equations
Monday: P. 318 #'s 8-21, 27, and 29
Tuesday: P. 326 #'s 8-38
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Review Worksheet
Friday: Test, no homework
Week 13: 10/29/18

Monday: No School, Fall Break

Tuesday: No School, Fall Break

Wednesday: Review Lesson 5-3 

Thursday: Lesson 5-2 Direct Variation

Friday: Test on 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3. 



Monday: No homework

Tuesday: No homework

Wednesday: P. 313 #'s 37-44, 48-53, and 59-61

Thursday: P. 304 #'s 9-26

Friday: Test, no homework

Week 12: 10/22/18

Monday: Lesson 4-6 Formalizing Relations and Functions

Tuesday: Lesson 5-1 Rate of Change and Slope

Wednesday: Quiz on Lesson 4-6  Begin on Lesson 5-3 Slope- Intercept Form

Thursday: Finish Lesson 4-6

Friday: Quiz on Lesson 5-1. 



Monday: P. 271 #'s 8-23 and 31-24

Tuesday: P. 298 #'s 8-32 and 42-47

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: P. 312 #'s 22-35

Friday: No homework

Week 11: 10/15/18

Monday:  Lesson 4-4 Graphing a Function Rule

Tuesday: Lesson 4-5 Writing a Function Rule

Wednesday: Quiz on 4-4.  Finish Lesson 4-5

Thursday: Test on Ch. 4

Friday: Homecoming,  go over Ch. 4 test.



Monday: P. 257 #'s 9-32

Tuesday: P. 265 #'s 8-22

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: Test, no homework

Friday: No homework

Week 10: 10/8/18

Monday: Review over Nine weeks Exam Lesson 4-1 Using Graphs to Relate Two Quantities

Tuesday: No school, report card day

Wednesday: Lesson 4-2 Patterns and Linear Functions

Thursday: Quiz on Lesson 4-1 Finish Lesson 4-2

Friday: Quiz on Lesson 4-2



Monday: P. 237-238 #'s 5-18

Tuesday: No school, report card day

Wednesday: P. 243 #'s 1-16

Thursday: Worksheet on Lesson 4-2

Friday: No homework

Week 9: 10/1/18

Monday: Review packet for Nine weeks Exam

Tuesday: Finish Review packet for Nine weeks Exam

Wednesday: Go over Review packet for Nine weeks Exam

Thursday: 2nd and 4th Block Exam

Friday: 1st and 3rd Block Exam



Monday: Review Packet

Tuesday: Review Packet

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: Exam, no homework

Friday: Exam, no homework

Week 8:  9/24/18
Monday: Review Ch. 3.7 
Tuesday: Quiz on 3.7, Begin review for major Ch. 3 Test
Wednesday: Go over Review for Ch. 3 Test
Thursday: Ch. 3 test
Friday: Go over Ch. 3 Test.  Begin Review for 9 weeks test.
Monday: Worksheet 3-7 #'s 16-36
Tuesday: Review Worksheet 
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Test, no homework
Friday: Review worksheet for Nine weeks exam.
Week 7: 9/17/18

Monday: Review for compound Inequalities Test

Tuesday: Test on Compound inequalities

Wednesday: Begin Lesson 3-7 Absolute Value Inequalities

Thursday: Finish Lesson 3-7

Friday: Review worksheets on 3-7.



Monday: Worksheet #'s 1-18

Tuesday: Test, no homework

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: P. 211 #'s 32-48 and 57-60

Friday: Review worksheets for 3-7

Week 6: 9/10/18

Monday: Lesson 3-3 Solving Two step Inequalities

Tuesday: Lesson 3-4 Solving Multi Step Inequalities

Wednesday: Quiz on Solving Inequalities.  Lesson on writing Inequalities in Interval Notation

Thursday: Start Lesson 3-6 Compound Inequalities

Friday: Finish Lesson 3-6



Monday: P. 190 #'s 9-43 Odd

Tuesday: P. 190 #'s 10-42 Even

Wednesday: Quiz, no homework

Thursday: P. 204 #'s 11-26, and 31-37

Friday: No homework

Week 5: 9/3/18
Monday: Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday: Lesson 2-9 Solving Absolute value Equations
Wednesday: Finsih Lesson 2-9
Thursday: Quiz on Lesson 2-9 Review for Chapter 2 test
Friday: Chapter 2 Test
Monday: Holliday no homework
Tuesday: P. 211 #'s 17-31 and 49-56
Wednesday: Absolte value worksheet
Thursday: Quiz no homework
Friday: Test, no homework
Week 4: 8/27/18
Monday: Begin Lesson 2-5 Literal Equations and Formulas
Tuesday: Finish Lesson 2-5
Wednesday: Quiz on Lesson 2-5.  Begin Lesson 2-7 Solving Proportions
Thursday: Finish Lesson 2-7
Friday: Quiz on 2-7 Begin Lesson 2-8 Proportions and Similar Figures
Monday: P. 112 #'s 1-4, 11-27
Tuesday: Worksheet #'s 1-14, 22-27
Wednesday: Quiz no homework
Thursday: P. 127 #'s 10-36
Friday: Quiz no homework
Week 3: 8/20/18
Monday: Begin on Lesson 2-4 Solving Equations With Variables on Both Sides
Tuesay Finish Lesson 2-4
Wednesday: Quiz on lesson 2-4 Begin Review for test
Thursday: Library for MAP test
Friday: Test on 2-4
Monday: P. 105 #'s 10-18 even and 22-40 even
Tuesday: P. 105 #'s 1-39 odd
Wednesday: Quiz, no homework
Thursday: No homework
Friday: Test, no homework
Week 2: 8/13/18
Monday: Lesson 2-1 Solving one-step equations
Tuesday: Lesson 2-2 Solving two-step equations
Wednesday: Quiz on 2-2 Lesson 2-3 Solving Multi-Step equations
Thursday: Review for test
Friday: 2-3 Test, no homework
Monday: P. 91 #'s 11-37 odd
Tuesday: P. 91 #'s 10-52 even
Wednesday: Quiz, No homework
Thurday: P. 98 1-38
Friday: Test, no homework
Week 1: 8/6/18
Monday: Go over handbook and classroom rules.  Lesson 1-1 Variables and Expressions
Tuesday: Lesson 1-2 Order of Operations and Evaluating Expressions
Wednesday: Lesson 1-3 Real Numbers and the Number Line.  Quiz on Lesson 1-1
Thursday: Lesson 1-4 Properties of Real Numbers and Lesson 1-7 The Distributive Property
Friday: Test on Ch. 1
Monday: No homework
Tuesday: P. 13 #;s 9-35 odd
Wednesday: P. 20 #'s 27-35 and P. 27 #'s odd 6-12 and 32-35
Thursday: P. 50 #'s 9-23, 33-39, 53-63 odd
Friday: Test no homework