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Physical Science Lesson Plan



HS-PS1-2 Matter and its Interactions

Construct and revise an explanation for the outcome of a simple chemical reaction based on the outermost electron states of atoms, trends in the periodic table, and knowledge of the patterns of chemical properties.

HS-PS1-4 Matter and its Interactions

Develop a model to illustrate that the release or absorption of energy from a chemical reaction system depends upon the changes in total bond energy.

HS-PS1-5 Matter and its Interactions

Apply scientific principles and evidence to provide an explanation about the effects of changing the temperature or concentration of the reacting particles on the rate at which a reaction occurs.


Monday, January 7          

  • Go over what physical science is and requirements for the class.
  • Talk about tips to be successful in physical science.
  • Lecture/Notes – composition of matter


Tuesday, January 8

  • Bell Ringer- Fill in the flow chart provided.
  • Lecture: Concept 1 notes
  • Practice: Classification Practice
  • Lab Stations: Classification and Properties of Matter


Wednesday, January 9

  • Bell Ringer-
  • Discuss lab stations
  • Lecture: Begin Concept 2 notes
  • Practice: Density Calculations
  • Discuss practice as a class
  • Lab: Mystery Material Lab


Thursday, January 10

  • Bell Ringer-
  • Finish lab and collect answer sheets
  • Lecture: Complete Concept 2 notes
  • Practice: Physical vs. Chemical


Friday, January 11

  • Bell Ringer-
  • Discuss physical vs. chemical worksheet as a class
  • Lab: Conservation of Matter



Monday, January 14

  • Bell Ringer-
  • Check lab for completion
  • Discuss guidelines for writing a rough draft
  • QUIZ on matter


Tuesday, January 15

  • Bell Ringer-
  • Review for test
  • TEST






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