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Lesson Plans

Physical Science Lesson Plan


Motion Lesson Plan

PHS.5.1 Research the scientific contributions of Newton, and use models to communicate Newton’s principles.

PHS.5.2 Design and conduct an investigation to study the motion of an object using properties such as displacement, time of motion, velocity, and acceleration.

PHS.5.3 Collect, organize, and interpret graphical data using correct metric units to determine the average speed of an object.


Day 1

Monday, March 18

- Bell Ringer
- Concept 1 notes (slides 1-7)
- Distance vs. Displacement WS
- Go over answers as a class
- Concept 1 notes (slides 8-14)
- Speed vs. Velocity WS (HW if not finished)


Day 2

Tuesday, March 19

- Bell Ringer
- Go over Speed vs. Velocity WS as a class
- Finish Concept 1 notes (slides 15-18)
- Graphing and Analyzing Data
- Discuss as a class
- Motions Graphs WS (HW if not finished)


Day 3

Wednesday, March 20

- Bell Ringer
- Go over Motion Graphs WS as a class
- Concept 2 notes (slides 1-6)
- Acceleration Math WS
- Go over answers as a class
- Concept 2 notes (slides 7-10)
- Acceleration Graphs WS (HW if not finished)


Day 4

Friday, March 21

- Bell Ringer
- Runner Lab (finish for HW)
- Go over Acceleration Graphs WS if time
- Exit Ticket


Day 5

Monday, March 25

- Bell Ringer
- Take up Runner Labs
- Putting it All Together WS
- Go over answers as a class afterwards
- Work on Study Guides


Day 6

Tuesday, March 26

- Bell Ringer
- Discuss study guides
- Jeopardy Review Game
- Exit Ticket


Day 7

Wednesday, March 27

- Bell Ringer
- Review for test
- TEST on Motion

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