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spiritdays.jpgWorld Literature
World Literature will take place for the first semester of the school year. It focuses on a variety of texts. Students will read different fiction and nonfiction texts, including short stories and novels, from around the world in an effort to promote critical thinking skills and develop an understanding or sensitivity to a wide range of cultures. Students will also learn essay writing techniques and will develop those skills throughout the year. The purpose of this course is to promote intellectual growth by strengthening students' abilities to read analytically and think creatively. 
English II
English II builds upon the foundation of critical thinking and analytical writing skills gained in the first semester of World Literature. Though English II still uses various texts and they are increasingly more complex as the class progresses. As they develop their writing skills through different types of essays and creative writing assignments, students will learn to refine arguments, summarize informative texts, and create descriptive narratives. They will also sharpen their editing and revising skills. In order to prepare for state testing in late Spring, students will also practice with timing during test taking. 
Yearbook Advisor


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I grew up in Louisiana and graduated fro LSU with a degree in Mass Communications & Journalism. I worked for 10 years writing for newspapers and magazines before entering into education. I received my teaching degree from Mississippi College and am completing my master's degree. I have taught English from 7th-11th grades and 6 different English electives. Now, I will be teaching English II.