Brookhaven High School

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World History

Chapter 21: The Contemporary Western World, 1970-Present

April 30-May 4





1. Teacher will discuss how the Cold War ended  after leadership changed in the Soviet Union.


1. Students will identify policies of Gorbachev that contributed to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

2. Teacher will explain how conversion from a socialist to a free-market economy created many problems in the former Soviet states.


1. Students will be quizzed on chapter 21: vocabulary, key people, and places (map)

2. Students will complete a guided reading activity, "Western Society and Culture"


1. Teacher will describe Gorbachev's policy on not giving military support to Communist governments and to how it created the opportunity for revolution

2. Teacher will discuss how Western European nations moved to unite their economies after 1970


1. Students will turn in a current event from the world new and a political cartoon.

2. Students will be tested on their knowledge of chapter 21.

3. Students will complete chapter 23 vocabulary, key people and key places.