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World History

Chapter 12: Industrialization and Nationalism, 1800-1870
January 22-25


1. Teacher will explain why coal and steam replaced wind and water as new sources of energy and power

2. Teacher will describe the growth of cities as people moved from the country to work in factories.


1. Students will complete a map and vocabulary quiz for chapter 12

2. Students will complete a section 4 guided reading worksheet (Culture: Romanticism and Realism)

3. Students will discuss the forces of liberalism and nationalism and their continued growth, which led the revolutions.


1. Students will explain how the rise of nationalism contributed to the unification of Italy and Germany

2. Teacher will explain that while nationalism had a great appeal, not all people achieved the goal of establishing their own national states.


1. Students will turn a current event from the world news and a political cartoon

2. Students will be tested on chapter 12

3. Students will complete vocabulary, key people, and complete map for chapter 13 (Students may use cellphone for map)