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BHS - Course Request Directions, Course Selection Sheet, Graduation Checklist

2020-2021 Course Requests

Students may enter course requests for the 2020-2021 school year by logging in their Active Student account.  The course selection sheet (listed as an attachment) can be used as a guide to enter requests for next school year.  The 2019-2020, 9th-11th graders began this process prior to spring break, but the opportunity is still available for changes to be made if necessary. The hard copy of the course selection sheet does not need to be returned to the high school as long as courses are entered through Active Student.

Information to access Active Student and enter course requests:

Go to, select Student and then Active Student, enter the username (first 3 letters of student’s first name +first 3 letter of student’s last name + lunch number) and password (Bsd + 6 digit date of birth)

Example of Log in Information:

Name: Jane Doe

Lunch Number: 1234

DOB: 08/01/2020

Username: jandoe1234

Password: Bsd080120

Additionally, students who enter the 9th grade in May of 2018 and after will have new graduation options.  The state has added endorsements to the traditional diploma.  These options include Career/Technical Endorsement, Academic Endorsement, and Distinguished Academic Endorsement.  Each student and parent must choose the option of preference. This sheet will need to be signed and returned to the high school by scanning and emailing it to Mrs. McLaurin at



ATTACHED BELOW - BHS Course Selection Sheet & Graduation Checklist