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BHS Graduation - JUNE 19th - Summary and Directions

Graduation – Graduation is voluntary for seniors.


We will have a modified version of our graduation on June 19th at 7 pm on King Field. Seniors will be allowed to have 4 guests. Guests are encouraged to wear masks and maintain distancing between other guests (see seating directions below). Those who are not comfortable with being in large public spaces are encouraged to stay home.


In order to still have a “live” graduation and at the same time comply with state orders we have developed the following modified ceremony.


The ceremony will flow as follows: At 7 pm Seniors will exit the gym and enter King Field on the visitor side and turn left walking the track to the home side bleachers. Pomp and circumstance will be played as the seniors march in. Seniors will be in the traditional order (Valedictorian, Salutatorian, High Honors, Honors, then traditional graduates in alphabetical order). As the Seniors approach midfield we will begin calling their names and they will meet Mr. Carlock to receive their diploma then circle around him to go to a designated spot on the field. Once all graduates have been recognized we will sing the Alma Mater and introduce the class of 2020. At that time, they may throw their caps and the ceremony is concluded. Parents will not be allowed to enter the field.



For Tickets – Tuesday – Thursday, June 9th -11th , from 10am – 2 pm:

  • Parents or Seniors must come by BHS to pick up your 4 tickets along with any awards and chords.
  • You will enter BHS front doors on the right and stop by tables in the following order:
  • table #1 to pick up chords and awards
  • table #2 to fill out transcript request
  • table #3 sign for your 4 guest tickets – EXIT to the doors on the right
  • No tickets will be given out after Thursday June 11th


Graduation Day:

  • Friday, June 19 – 6 pm – Seniors (no family/guests) meet in Gym – Don’t be late. Ceremony to begin at 7 pm.
  • Guests may begin sitting in King Field in home bleachers at 6 pm. Groups of 4 need to sit together with 2 empty chairs between each group of 4. Every other row should be left empty.
  • Those with handicap or special needs will be allowed to sit in front of the concession stand.
  • All other guests must sit in the home bleachers to maintain distancing.


Graduation Dress Code: (from page 20 in BHS Handbook)

  • Must come in your cap and gown along with the following.
  • Men are to wear white or light-colored dress shirts, dark long pants (no shorts or jeans), ties, and dark dress shoes (no athletic shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc.).
  • Ladies are to wear appropriate dresses that do not extend below the length of the graduation gown. (No shorts, jeans, or slacks will be permitted) Ladies must wear black shoes (no athletic shoes, flip-flops, high heels, etc.).
  • Caps and tassels are to be worn properly. Instructions will be given. Do not decorate your cap.
  • Prior to walking onto the track, you will be checked for the proper dress. Any student not properly dressed will be pulled from the graduation line-up. NO GUM, PLEASE.
  • All Brookhaven School District rules and regulations will be enforced on the night of graduation to include “possession, use, or being under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol.”
  • Qualifying students may wear National Honor Society cords/stoles. Both items must be returned at the conclusion of the ceremony unless you wish to purchase them. School counselors will attend to the rental or purchase of cords and stoles at graduation practice.
  • The only cords which will be worn are the gold or white cords for Special or Honor graduates and the NVTHS gray/silver cords. Mississippi Scholars may wear their medallions.