Brookhaven High School

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BHS Announcements 11/26-30


Check other announcements for details concerning specific events.

 Congratulations Mrs. Leah Barry! BHS teacher of the year!

Track and field interest meeting for any student who is interested in participating in track and field this season on Tuesday (11-27) during homeroom in the auditorium.


Reminder to students with no absences in November will have a day added to the exemption formula. We also will have a prize/treat for those with perfect attendance. The only absences that will not count for this activity are school activities.


CLARIFICATION OF ABSENCES: Excused or unexcused still means the student was not in class. Excuses keep you from being reported to the state getting a court date set due to missing too many days. Excused still count as missed days for exemptions, perfect attendance, and etc.

School excused activities are school trips only and do not count towards days missed.


BHS students have a Bible Study every Monday morning at 7:40 in the library. Anyone interested may attend.


Students hanging out in the morning be sure trash is disposed of properly. Free time before school is a privilege be sure to treat it accordingly.


FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets Friday morning before school in the library. All students are invited. (Not just athletes.)


This year's yearbooks are $70 for the remainder of the year. Copies of last year's book are still available for $80. Ordering online at is available or see Mrs. Sproles Room 228 anytime during 1st block.


Yearbook ordering for this new school year will be available soon. Look for posters and order forms soon or see Mrs. Sproles for information. Orders can also be made and paid for online at


FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets Friday morning before school in the library. All students are invited. (Not just athletes.)


Be sure to check our website regularly for the most up to date information.



No students are allowed in the building before 7:20


Bus lane is a one way street with entry from Monticello St.


Student drivers be sure to park and come in the building. You may not hang out in the parking lot.


Bus riders must stay on campus once you have arrived.


The street between the HS and the cemetery is closed during school hours.


Any food brought for a student lunch must be out of the packaging if it contains a business logo.


Students should not be leaving the cafeteria with open food and drink containers.  


Students leaving campus after 3rd block, walkers have right of way.


Bus riders be sure you are at the bus zone and watching for you bus immediately following school.


Once a student is checked out (by parent or on permanent checkout out list) you must leave campus immediately.