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MS Scholars - Info and Application

MS scholars volunteers will be coming to the school this semester to meet with 9th-11th graders and share information regarding this opportunity and its importance. 


Below and attached is the application Seniors need to apply for MS Scholars. 


Mississippi Scholars Application Form


If you meet the following qualifications, please complete both sides and return to the counselors’ office by the end of the third nine weeks.


Student:  ____________________________

Graduation Date:  _____________________


___ English I [1]

___ English II [1]

___ English III [1]

___ English IV [1]

  4    Total Credits of English


___ Algebra I [1]

___ Geometry [1]

___ Algebra II [1]

Any one full mathematics credit of comparable rigor and content after Algebra II.  Please list. 

_______________________   Math

  4   Total Credits of Math


___ Biology I [1]

___ Chemistry I [1]

Intro to Biology is not included. 

Please list:

_______________________   Science

_______________________   Science

  4 Total Credits of Science


___ World Geography [½]

___ Mississippi Studies [½]

___ World History [1]

___ U.S. History [1]

___ U.S. Government [½]

___Economics [½]

4 Total Credits of Social Studies


___ One Carnegie Unit of visual and performing arts meeting the requirements for high school graduation OR 2 units of the two course sequence Computer Graphics Technology 1 and 2.

1 Total Credit of Art


Two credits must consist of the same foreign language:


___________________ Foreign Language I [1]

___________________ Foreign Language II [1]

Or a 5th math or 5th science of higher rigor



Additional requirements:


  • 40 hours of verifiable community or volunteer service during 4 years of high school
  • 18 ACT Composite score
  • 2.5 Cumulative GPA (unweighted)
  • No out-of-school suspension
  • 95% Attendance throughout high school
  • If you have had more than four days of ISD, please see your counselor before the deadline.



If you have any questions, please refer to the website:



Community Service Log

Service Activity

Date/ Hours

Supervisor Signature









































Total hours ________________



By signing below, you are acknowledging that you meet all the above criteria including no OSS and 95% attendance (absent less than 36 days over the 4 year period). 




Parents please sign below stating you have reviewed the application and agree with its contents.