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JUMPSTART Test Prep Partnership Announcement


Dear Parents of Brookhaven High School Juniors,

What an exciting time for you and your junior student! This is the time many juniors are beginning to think about what type of career they might enjoy, and the possibility of college enrollment. Most are still unsure about the field of study they might want to pursue, but one thing is certain: the ACT exam is the doorway that will either allow them to walk through to the college of choice or close that pursuit. And, you may have heard, college is expensive. What if your student could cut the cost way down just by performing well on one test? They can. In fact, they could earn thousands of dollars in scholarships based just on their ACT score. If your student performs well enough, they could even earn a free ride!

Each February, all juniors in Mississippi are provided one free attempt at the ACT exam that is administered at their school. This year, Brookhaven High School is providing the Jumpstart Test Prep complete ACT math review to help your student perform their best and I want to invite you to make Jumpstart Test Prep an integral part of their preparation to help raise scores.

Jumpstart Test Prep is a Mississippi-based company with the experience to make test preparation a breeze. I am a high school teacher with over 50 years of experience in the classroom. In fact, I still teach part-time. It is a real joy to see the light come on in students’ eyes as they fully understand the concepts I am teaching them. Most of those fifty years I have also assisted students in raising their ACT scores. I am amazed to look back to how ACT has changed, especially in the math area. For example, students are required to not only know formulas and rules, but how to apply them in complex situations.

Jumpstart Test Prep will provide your student with the skills, test-taking techniques and realistic practice required to raise that ACT score as high as their efforts will carry them! They will be able to use the program at school and at home through the internet. Please encourage your student to seriously practice on the concepts taught by Jumpstart, especially as their February test date draws near. As you know, success requires some effort. Each video is going to remind them that the three keys to success in test preparation are 1) practice, 2) Practice, and 3) PRACTICE!

Most sincerely,

Dot McClendon

Co-founder, Jumpstart Test Prep