Brookhaven High School

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Graduation PracticeThursday, May 23 – 5:00 pm – Auditorium - Don’t Be Late

“Attendance at graduation practice is required” – BSD Handbook, page 20

Tickets will be passed out Thursday night, in case of rain, you must get them before you leave practice



Graduation DayFriday, May 24 – 5:00 pm – Meet in Auditorium – Don’t be late



Graduation Dress Code:

Ladies: A dress (length not to hang below your gown) and black dress shoes.  Consider the surface you will be walking on in selecting your shoes.  Spike heels will sink on a soggy field.  Loud, clunky shoes will be embarrassing in the gym.
Gentlemen: Dark slacks, no jeans OR KHAKIS, black dress shoes and trouser socks, not ankle socks or white socks.  You must wear a white, button-up, collared shirt AND A TIE. (Neck or Bow)
Everyone: NO TENNIS SHOES or flip-flops




Class of 2019