Brookhaven High School

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Class Name  Teacher
AP US History Krista Russell
Economics Krista Russell
Economics Stevie Ann Wright
Government Brittany Paschall
Government Philip Poole
Law Related Education Chad Leggett
Law Related Education Chad Walker
Local Cultural Resources Steven Keys
Mississippi Studies Chad Leggett
Psychology Aaron King
Sociology Aaron King
US History Stevie Ann Wright
US History Brittany Paschall
US History Philip Poole
US History Krista Russel 
World History Steven Keys
World History Chad Walker
World History Aaron King
World Geography Chad Leggett
World Geography Chad Walker
Class Name Teacher
Advanced Placement Biology Amy Rutland
Advanced Placement Chemistry Katie Cole
Advanced Placement Physics Susan Thames
Biology I Bethany Ballard
Biology I Eli Furr
Biology I Divitta Walker-Lenoir
Biology I Deitdre Lily
Biology II Amy Copeland
Botany Amy Rutland
Chemistry Susan Thames
Earth and Space Science Amy Copeland
Earth and Space Science Amy Rutland
Human Anatomy and Physiology Amy Rutland
Physical Science Amy Copeland
Physical Science Katie Cole
Physics Susan Thames
Zoology Amy Rutland
Math Department 
 Class Name Teacher 
AP Calculus AB Sounnia Wallace
College Algebra (Dual Enrollment) Phyllis Wallace
Algebra I Aaron Ayers
Algebra I Leah Barry
Algebra I Summer Burns
Algebra I Adam Cook
Algebra II Vasie Brown
Algebra II Jessica Killen
Algebra II Phyllis Wallace
Algebra III Sounnia Wallace
Algebra III Phyllis Wallace
Geometry Cullen Greer
Geometry Jessica Killen
SREB/Essentials for College Math Sounnia Wallace
English Department
Class Name Teacher
AP Language and Composition Megan Case
AP Literature and Composition Megan Case
English Composition I (Dual Enrollment) Jennifer Whitaker
English Composition II (Dual Enrollment) Jennifer Whitaker
English I Molly Greer
English I Terri Hall
English II Abbey Bozeman
English II Roxanne Harper
English II Brenda Sasser
English II Joanna Sproles
English III Molly Jones
English III Mandy Vinson
English III Jennifer Whitaker
English IV Megan Case
English IV Jennifer Whitaker
World Literature Brenda Sasser
Class Name Teacher
Art I  Jerralyn Seals
Art I Kevin Bower
Art II Kevin Bower
Art III Kevin Bower
Art IV Kevin Bower
Business Law Cassie Case
Special Services Tom Stockstill
Driver's Education I Mike Powell
Driver's Education II  Mike Powell
JROTC I David Williams
JROTC II Craig Weaver
Learning Strategies Wanda Callender
Learning Strategies Matthew Hart
Learning Strategies Stephanie Triplett
Learning Strategies Phillip Zinke
Life Skills Rani Glass
Life Skills Jessica Stevenson
Personal Finance Cassie Case
Physical Education Darien Dorsey
Physical Education Preston Wilson
Spanish I Tiffany Brooks
Spanish I Leslie White
Spanish II Tiffany Brooks
Spanish II Leslie White
Spanish II Phillip Zinke
Technology Foundations Cassie Case
 Choir Charles Bridges