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Lesson Plans

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Brookhaven High School Lesson Plans

English III

Teacher: M. Vinson              

January 14-18






- Starter- Why does Chillingworth want Hester to live with the scarlet letter as her punishment for adultery rather than escape it through death? What does this suggest about Chillingworth?

- 15 minutes to finish up Chapters 1-4 activities

- Vocabulary 5-7 activity

- Read chapter 5




- Starter-Despite her crime, Hester’s sewing becomes a sought after fashion in the community. Why do you think that is?

- 10 minutes to work on vocabulary 5-7 activity

- Read chapter 6

- The Scarlet Letter movie Part 1






- Starter- Do you think Pearl is a blessing or a curse for Hester? Explain

- Finish The Scarlet Letter movie Part 1

- Read chapter 7

- Vocabulary 1-4 Quiz





- Starter-Should Pearl be taken away from Hester? Explain your reasoning.

- Chapter 5-7 reading questions

- Symbolism activity





- Starter- Who do you think the father is? Explain your reasoning.

- Chapters 5-7 quiz

- Scandal project research


January 22-25







No School




- Starter- Pick your notebook up from the basket. Work on vocabulary 8-10.

- Read chapters 8-10.

- Chapters 8-10 questions

- Chapters 1-6 daily grade







- Starter-Why do you think Chillingworth looks uglier and more misshapen to Hester now?

- Vocabulary 5-7 Quiz

- Chillingworth characterization

- Vocabulary 11-13






- Starter- Why is Chillingworth called a “leech”? Why is this significant? Consider the connotations of the word, as well as its medical purpose.

- Chapters 8-10 Quiz

- Read Chapters 11-13

- Chapters 11-13 questions







-- Starter-Why does the narrator not reveal what Chillingworth discovers on Dimmesdale’s chest? Draw what you think he saw.

- Illustrate one scene the A is seen in the novel

- Vocabulary 8-10 Quiz

- Watch TSL Part 2


Please be aware that plans are subject to change based on student comprehension, interruptions, etc.

Check pacing guide for standards.