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Lesson Plans

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Brookhaven High School Lesson Plans

English III

Teacher: M. Vinson               

March 18-22







- Starter- Finish chapter 2 questions and vocabulary

- Read chapter 3

- Chapter 3 vocabulary




- Starter- Beside vocabulary three words, write the character(s) who behave that way. Then, explain how the word relates.  Write someone for 6-8 words.

- Chapter 3 questions

- Chapter 3 quiz

- Read chapter 4






- Starter- Do you think Gatsby’s infatuation with Daisy is adorable or creepy?

- Chapter 4 questions

- Chapter 4 vocabulary

- Work on character pages





No School





- Starter- Do you think you can recreate the past? Why or why not? Think of an event you would like to recreate.   What event would that be? Describe in detail using at least one type of figurative language.

- Read chapter 5

- Chapters 4 & 5 quiz


Please be aware that plans are subject to change based on student comprehension, interruptions, etc.

Check pacing guide for standards.