Brookhaven High School

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Welcome to the

Brookhaven High School

Library and Media Center!



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Librarian: Mrs. April Clopton

Assistant Librarian:  Mrs. Cynthia Cameron



The library is a specialized academic collection of materials to be used to support and enrich the curriculum and to provide for the developmental needs of our students.



Our goals are to:

  • Provide access to sources of information, technology, facilities and professional services.
  • Give teachers and students support and instruction in evaluating and using information sources and literature.
  • Provide a collection of literature that reflects human experience, creativity and diversity.
  • Provide a balanced collection of accurate, unbiased factual materials in books, electronic databases and other information formats.
  • Promote reading as a means of gaining facility in the use of the language and in building a general body of knowledge.
  • Partner with teachers in utilizing the MS Curriculum Framework and other educational benchmarks and programs.