Brookhaven High School

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Amy Rutland

*Parents, if you have concerns about your student's grades in the portal not matching the progress report, please be patient.  I have been out 9 of the 18 days we have been back since Christmas due to two tragic deaths and a house fire that took my mother and left me injured and two funerals.  I have been working diligently to catch up in the 4 days since I have been back at school and have managed to grade most of the students' work for at least a completion grade if not for accuracy.  Please contact me if you have concerns.  I will try to send home an up to date report mid February so you will be aware.  As always, thanks for your concerns.  If we work together your children will benefit.   (Feb. 1, 2019)
Students will need to sign up for Remind, a safe site for teacher/student communication pertaining to classes.
Parents wishing to communicate with Ms. Rutland or receive announcements on their cell phones can also sign up for Remind.
Text the code for each class to the following number:
620-682-9288 or 81010
HAP 3rd block @hap320
HAP 4TH block @hap41
Zoology/Botany @zpobot1
Thanks in advance!
Ms. Rutland