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Wanda Callender

This is my 28th year in education; fifteen years in secondary education and thirteen in post-secondary education.  I am a registered sonographer (ultrasound tech) since 1995 and taught sonography for 10 years at JCJC and 3 years in Georgia.
The high school classes that I have taught range from Anatomy and Physiology to Algebra. The anatomy and physiology students that I taught loved that not only do I know how the body works, I have watched it at work while doing ultrasounds on patients! I am a confirmed science nerd and almost a math nerd! But the human body is my favorite!! I have seen some cool things that most people never get to see and some other things that no one should ever have to see. 
BUT, of everything that I have done, connecting to my students, is my favorite part of any job (even more than "looking at babies" which is awesome)!  My happiest moments are when I see students suddenly grasp a concept that I am explaining! Some people say it's when the "light goes off", but I say it when "the whole city lights up with Christmas lights" when I see that look on a student's face! 
I love working with students in science and math here at BHS!  They seem to enjoy the fact that I am not afraid to embarrass myself when explaining material (I have been known to "sing" or "dance", and I have NO skill in either area) to get the concept across!
My main mission is to teach them to see no boundaries when it comes to education!